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Winnie came to rescue with a diagnosis of pulled tail syndrome, and with examination by a neurologist, the previous traumatic injury was discovered. We have been able to set up a kennel that allows her to keep her kennel area clean, because she can’t control her bowel movements. Overall she is not a difficult dog to care for, she is a pretty normal acting puppy. House training will not be a thing for her but whomever adopts Winnie MUST be 100% committed to her care and hygiene. Some of her habits might improve but there is no guarantee. None of this should affect her longevity so again this is a long haul situation.

Yoda is a special needs boxer who lives at Rescue Me’s center on 135-acres for special needs animals. For some animals, to make certain the match is perfect.

Author: Theis

I Rolando Digiacomo have always had a deep interest in animals, which led me to study Veterinary Medicine. I am 31 years old and have been practicing as a vet for 5 years now. I love my job because it allows me to help animals in need and make them feel better. My dream is to open my own animal clinic one day where I can continue helping animals in need.

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