5 Best Great Dane Rescues in California! 2022

Although it is not solely for Great Danes, the corporation is dedicated to large breed dogs, including Great Danes. Aside from rescuing, GDRSC also offers public education and referral services. They also accept donations and assure that donations are tax-deductible.

Andy joined our team because he believes that words are powerful tools that can change a dog’s life for the better. All information about the rescue center should be presented to their different platforms, such as websites and social media accounts. The information should include whether they have registered the organization, contact details, donation details, and information where donations are used. What’s unique to this rescue corporation is that they have a communal living program for their rescued dogs. The dogs are trained to live with other dogs without cages or kennels and play together in the lounging bungalows. There is also no barking because they are trained to only bark when they sense danger.

They have modest energy levels and will suit even people with sedentary lifestyles. Thanks for reading, and all the best to your hunt for the perfect Great Dane. They also provide trainers, veterinarians, and other services necessary to the rescued Danes within California. However, they do adopt Great Danes out of state, but there are specific terms to apply.

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