10 Best Chihuahua Rescues for Adoption 2022: Our Top 10 Picks!

Most if not all Chihuahua rescues post pictures and details about the puppies and dogs they are holding. So, even before you have your meet and greet, you can already start getting to know what your desired Chihuahua is all about. Some basic information you can gather about the rescue Chihuahua is its estimated age, temperament, and its health condition. Once all this is in place and you pass the home visitation, you can start processing your adoption fees and make travel arrangements with the volunteers. All the dogs being fostered under their volunteers’ care are given the appropriate medical attention they need to help them recover and gain back the trust they have for humans.

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The family is experiencing financial issues so they are no longer capable of providing the dog’s needs. If you’re ready to adopt from Sadie’s Safe House, you can fill out their application form here. They require vet and landlord references before adopting to aspiring Chihuahua keepers.

They began their noble work in 1996 and have been rescuing neglected, abused, and maltreated Chihuahuas ever since. We’ve also included the budget you will have to prepare together with some tips to help make the process smoother. Before taking a Chihuahua or any dog for that matter out of a shelter, you need to have a strong resolve to provide that dog with a forever home. Surprisingly, the expenses for the items and services they have provided for the Chihuahua while under their care are more than what they usually ask you for.

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