However, he is scared of the car and will use a puppy pad to relieve himself. He will accept a belly band once he becomes familiar with his environment. The Chihuahua Rescue Jacksonville, Florida, can be a great place to adopt a dog.

He has been neutered and is heartworm-negative. He is microchipped and has been adopted into a foster home in Orlando, Florida. As a small dog, Chihuahuas aren’t the right dog for a large home.

Josie is a sweet, adorable little girl who is a great addition to any household. She has a heart condition and will need meds for the rest of her life. You should not separate Josie from her owner as it will cause her to be very destructive. It is best to get a dog that is already trained and ready for a new home. He came in with another dog but soon outgrew the friend. He is now a relaxed, mellow, and sweet pup who prefers to be with his human.

A friendly, loyal dog is a great choice for a family. Unfortunately there are too many homeless dogs and not enough adopting families. Millions of dogs are euthanized in the United States each year due to over crowded shelters. These breeding facilities are all for making money. Dogs spend their lives in cages, exposed to undesirable conditions with no socialization.

They need regular exercise, as well as the company of a human companion. You should also take them out on walks regularly. A adoption contract must be signed by the adopter before the dog can be placed into his/her new home. It’s exciting and rewarding because you are saving a life and mending the broken spirit of a unwanted dog. You enrich your life with a devoted companion who will always love you unconditionally.

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