4 Best Husky Rescues in Colorado! 2022

Thunder Puppy is a wonderful dog rescue focused on rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming beautiful Huskies in the Colorado area. While not Husky-specific, this shelter often has adoptable Huskies and Husky mixes, so keep a close eye on their list of adoptable dogs. This shelter relies on the continued support from its dedicated network of donors, volunteers, and fosters.

As the name suggests, these dogs originated in the Chukchi Peninsula of eastern Siberia but were brought to Alaska in 1908 to serve as sled dogs for work and racing. Huskies need plenty of space to run and roam, which means they aren’t the best breed if you live in a small apartment. They also require special attention and patience, making them tricky for first-time dog owners.

colorado husky rescue

While this rescue is not Husky-specific, they frequently have Huskies listed for adoption on their website. This shelter is socially conscious and works as an open admission shelter, meaning that they will help any animal that comes to them in need of assistance. They have a wonderful medical and behavioral training center that helps assess and rehabilitate all of their animals with science-proven methods, allowing them to start their new lives on the right foot. Although somewhat contradictory, these dogs are also quite independent and like to do what they please if the mood strikes.

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